Electrodermal Screening (EDS)

Are your nutritional supplements customized for you? Can you prove they are exactly what your body needs?

Now you can with Electrodermal Screening (EDS) Testing at MorningStar Chiropractic. MorningStar is the proud owners of the newest EDS machine, the Biomeridian Vantage.

Do you suffer from unknown allergies, chronic fatigue, unexplained aches and pains? EDS can tell where there is tissue inflammation, degeneration or damage in an organ or meridian system.

EDS has the ability to screen rapidly for reactions to:

  • chemicals
  • pesticides
  • heavy metals
  • parasites
  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • allergic reactions

The testing process can also identify imbalances of:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • hormones
  • essential fatty acids
  • amino acids

It can also detect sensitivities to:

  • alcohol
  • molds
  • fungi
  • pollens
  • yeast
  • animal dander

Are you ready to…

  • be free of sensitivities that are causing you discomfort?
  • discover subtle imbalances that compromise your overall wellbeing?
  • use holistic, cutting-edge techniques to scan for possible sensitivities?
  • find natural ways to ease existing allergies without medication?
  • Take only the supplements that have shown to benefit you?
  • find out what could be holding back progress in any area of wellness?

If you answered “yes”, then you will be pleased to learn there are techniques that can provide you with relief, wellness, and balance in holistic, innovative, and natural ways.

How EDS Can Help You

General Health Screening

It is a relatively quick, painless, non-invasive means of running a health screen which can often indicate a problem coming before it actually progresses to symptomatology.

Chronic Ill Health

Many people are searching for the reason why they are feeling constantly tired and sick. Frequently standard testing procedures show nothing and no one can find out what is wrong or help them. This is one technique that can be useful in helping these people.


It is a useful, non-threatening technology for seeking answers to children’s health problems. It has been used successfully to treat problems such as digestive disorders and behavioral symptoms. Testing is gentle and safe and the remedies given usually have no taste.


This is particularly useful in patients with chemical load.

Allergy Tests

It is possible to test a person’s food sensitivities using this quick and simple method. Food sensitivity is only a resulting symptom of a malfunction somewhere in the body. In many cases by treating the digestive systems’ health, food sensitivity can be decreased and foods better tolerated.

Hay fever and airborne allergies are in many cases a symptom of underlying food sensitivity.

Biocompatibility Testing

More and more people are becoming aware of the negative health affects of mercury fillings/mercury and heavy metal toxicity from vaccinations. When you have your amalgams removed it is important to establish whether or not you may have an adverse reaction to products which will be used to replace the mercury.

The complete test takes 45 minutes. You can choose to have one test done for $200 and will receive a $100 voucher for any supplementation recommended by the screen. You can also choose to purchase a package of 3 tests for $150 (no voucher). This allows you to get a baseline test, product recommendations and further testing after product use. Using EDS and nutritional recommendations to improve your health is an awesome opportunity. By using the 3 tests, you are able to see how your body is functioning and watch as your health improves. Call MorningStar Chiropractic now at (763) 571-0800 to schedule your appointment.