Chiropractic Services

We are a family-friendly practice. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy spine from birth and well into the golden years; wellness should not be determined by age.

Our Chiropractic Services Include:

  • Personalized nutritional consultation with the doctor. Our office will determine your individual supplement and vitamin recommendations and work with you to gain a better understanding of how nutrition plays a vital role in our health as a whole.
  • Cervical traction is yet another in house treatment option at our clinic.
  • Computerized nerve scan. This amazing technology gives a visual representation of how your nerves communicate with the rest of your body systems. It also shows how stressed and tight your muscles are that surround the nerves in our bodies.
  • Physiotherapy options including: ultrasound, aquatherapy, heat and ice.
  • Customized exercise and rehabilitation plans to include stretching, strengthening and posture maintaining positions to ensure a healthy spine for years to come.
  • Aromatherapy through the use of essential oils. This benefit allows deep relaxation during a massage and we can also customize a treatment plan to assist with a variety of case by case issues.
  • Community services. if you are interested in learning more about health and wellness for all ages we have a topic for you. Ranging from stress relief, women’s health, goal setting, and jumpstarting your metabolism to name a few. Contact our office and we can work with you and your audience to tailor make an event to fit your needs.